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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

PMPP in the Star Today!

In an article in the Star Newspaper today, fishing in Penang and PMPP was highlighted. Here is the article in case you missed it!

Perfect spots for avid anglers

THE thrill and satisfaction of reeling in a giant game fish, the envious glares that follow and the spot where that prized catch lands will forever be etched in any angler’s memory.

For most anglers, Penang will always be special because of her unique surrounding landscapes and of course, waters and rivers that are brimming with marine life.

Many of these anglers may have travelled the world over in pursuit of “the one that got away” but they will all have at least a couple of interesting tales to tell when it comes to angling in Penang.

Malaysian Angling Associa-tion president Major (rtd) Is-mail Feisol, who was recently in town to help promote and de-velop angling as Penang’s ne-west tourism attraction, firmly believes that serious anglers fish for the passion and satisfaction of the sport, not to satisfy their appetites.

“If you intend to have fish for dinner, don’t bother going fishing – it is cheaper to just buy it from the market. Make no mistake, it can be a very expensive hobby but it can also be among the cheapest sporting activities in the world.

GOOD FISHING PLACE:Penang will always be special when it comes to angling because of her unique diverse landscapes with rivers and surrounding waters that are brimming with marine life.
GREAT SPOT:The rocky shoreline on the north-west of Penang island facing the open sea is popular among anglers.
GOOD CATCH:An angler posing with the red snappers he caught off Teluk Bahang.
“For less than 10 sen, you could probably have a jolly good time angling at one of the many lakes and rivers here.

“When I was a boy, all I needed was a safety pin, thread and long stick to keep me occupied (and out of trouble) the whole day. Angling is so much a part of our Malaysian culture. Ask most local anglers and they will tell you that’s how they first got hooked on the hobby.

“Of course today I have the latest ‘toys’ in the market and have travelled to some of the world’s best-known angling spots but I will never forget my trusty, self-made rod and local waters,” he said, adding that Penang was a good place for sport fishing enthusiasts.

“One of our biggest angling fans is Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and he is a Penangite.

“The state is already a world famous tourist destination and with various infrastructures like jetties, chalets and hotels, it is about time we start promoting it among anglers.

“There are lots of friendly lo-cal fishermen here who know the waters and make very good angling guides. From freshwater and estuary fishing to deep-sea saltwater fishing, anglers visiting the island have more than a handful of places to venture out to,” he said, adding that the association would like to see the state play host to Ma-laysia’s first Tenggiri Run competition at the end of the year.

“We have suggested to the state to organise the overnight offshore fishing competition in the Teluk Bahang waters. It would be the first of its kind in the country and I am confident that it can attract international participation.

“The Teluk Bahang, Ayer Itam and Mengkuang dams also have potential to be developed into sport fishing venues. Pe-nang is a strategic location for anglers because it is central to angling haunts like the Muda Dam in Kedah, Pulau Perak in Langkawi and Tasik Temenggor in Perak.

“These places are mostly only about two hours away. An-glers who stay at the island can opt to venture to these nearby destinations or contend with the equally interesting Penang waters,” he said, adding that the Balik Pulau and Teluk Ba-hang canals (or parit and long-kang to locals) have attracted the attention of many foreign anglers.

“I know anglers from Austra-lia, Denmark and Japan who have come here just to fish,” he said.

Engineering consultant Mohd Zambri Mohd Akhir, 32, agrees.

He has written (and been featured in) many articles on angling and cites the Sungai Pi-nang longkang in Teluk Bahang as among his favourite spots.

“I have been fishing for more than 20 years and this brac- kish water longkang is one of my favourite Tarpon hunting grounds,” he said.

His angling buddy, Muham-mad Akashah, 26, describes himself as a “hardcore angler”, travelling to the sleepy Teluk Bahang village at least four times a week to indulge in his favourite pastime.

“Zambri and I are members of the ‘Longkang Gang’ (a community of anglers) and we have introduced this place to many enthusiasts through our blog,” the estate manager said.

Describing the Teluk Bahang village as a “must-visit” angler’s destination, Major Ismail said the fishing village offered en-thusiasts the choice of going out to sea, fishing from the brackish water canal or Sungai Pinang River.

“The mangrove swamp at the mouth of the river is excellent if you are looking for Siakap and Mangrove Jacks.

“The natural beauty and se-renity of the place is unrivalled. The swamp’s most famous in-habitants are the biawak ba- tik and these rare beauties make the experience more than worth your while.

“Avid anglers will agree that beyond the challenge of pitting their skills against the fish, they would travel miles just to enjoy the rustic scenery,” he said.

Penang Angling Association president Arumugam Karup-piah said Penang was popular among local anglers because the surrounding waters were rich with game fish.

“Of course, you have to know where and when to go. Luck is also important. Our association has been organising angling competitions for many years now and feedback from participants has been positive,” he said.

Further information on an-gling in Penang can be obtained from the Penang Angling Asso-ciation by e-mailing davearu@ or logging on to or calling 04-899 5939.

Source : The Star Online

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