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Thursday, February 21, 2008

PBA Approves Fishing in DAMS for PMPP

Fantastic news! Through the enthusiastic efforts of the PMPP committee, the PBA (Pihak Berkuasa Air) has given permission for PMPP members to fish at 3 of the Penang Dams. With precious few places in Penang left to fish, the large dams provide excellent sport fishing challenges.
The Mengkuang, Teluk Bahang and Air Itam Dams will be open to PMPP members at special times. Namely once a month on Sunday on a rotational basis. Charges oer person will be RM30. All anglers must strictly adhere to the rules and regulations.
More details to follow...


  • no way this is going to be legal considering that the fact malaysian are simply to irresponsible to such a thing.moreover the dam at teluk bahang is being fish at the back to the temple old route area,this is making the place so polluted with many trash n all sort of things.I will report this to the PBA chairman.

    By Blogger AuntiePiggy, at 11:08 PM  

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