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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lure Selection

Tips & Techniques

Red Hot Angler is synonymous with lure fishing in the Klang Valley Area. Suzuki-san is already a household name among the lurers who patronises his place from Malaysia and Singapore. A very humble and generous angler, he has earned admiration from many customers. Thus, he has graciously shared with MFN his choice selection for lures to be used in Malaysia. Photos and article contributed by Suzuki-san.

(1) VIPER 110 (Brazil lure)

Might be a copy product of LC Sammy, but a giant version which is popular in Brazil. The body structure and accessories are built for handling huge peacock bass, so it's no doubt a very strong one. So as the calling power of this pencil bait, the big body can produce big movement and metal bearings creating loud and noisy calling sound.

Different from LC Sammy, this big doggie don't dive easily while being retrieved. Good for peacock bass and toman back in Malaysia, especially in windy and muddy ndition.

(2) Type1 RPP-60F, Type2 RPP-60F (Anglers Republic)

Either you prefer long slide skating action (Type1) or short step dog walking action (Type2), RPP has them both, so the angler can adapt to more situations, cover more fields and catch more fish.

These 6cm smaller size pencil are effective for clear water and high pressure fishing ground, such as the very popular Subang Lake. Smaller size, lively colour and appealing action will trigger the fish to bite reflectively.

While doing fast and short twitch, these pencils can produces high speed dog walking and quick sliding action. Advisable to use spinning tackle on these small pencils.

(3) RPP-60S Submarine (Anglers Republic)

Another member in the RPP family, and this is a rarely found 6cm sinking type. In a windy day where the surface is wavy, underwater action will be a better choice compare to the top water. Fish also will be less active to reach the upper layer when the air pressure is high; these are the time to reach for the Submarine.

Effective not only for freshwater species like peacock bass and sebarau, even successful for saltwater field when targeting tarpon or small trevally.

(4) TTPE 80 & 100 (Anglers Republic)

Available in two sizes, 8 cm and 10cm. The designer had a very clear and simple concept in mind while creating these lures, which is ?simple control, easy catch?.

Closely observe, you will find that the eyes that connecting split rings to hooks are set facing front, which have the effect of improving hook up rate. The lager volume of these pencils provides higher floating power which allows anglers to use thicker line without effecting the lure action.

With a quick stepping action, the 80mm TTPE is very good for peacock bass and sebarau, switch to the bigger TTPE 100 while grandpa grade Peacock bass and toman are around.

(5) DOG-X COAYU (Megabass)

No. 1 popular small pencil bait in Japan. Specially design to create bait fish escaping action, body will roll side to side while sliding, even some soft splashing when jerk harder.

Different from the original Dog-X, this smaller version has a round body with flat surface at both sides. The purpose of this unique design is to create flashing and indurations which are as strong as a bigger size pencilbait. Small body but with big appeal is an effective solution to attract spooky fish under tough condition. Flat side bodies also provide a higher gripping strength in the water so that the lure won?t jump out even when retrieve fast.

Logical concept and perfect craftsmanship are the two rules that you can always found in every Megabass lures.

(6) DOG-X & GIANT DOG (Megabass)

Both models are graded as collector items by lure collection maniac around the world. The beautiful snake-like sliding action of this lure was first shown to Malaysian anglers when it appeared in "Kingfisher" peacock bass VCD. It was a shocking surprise for both lure and non-lure anglers.

Megabass created two type of Dog-X, walking type and sliding type. Both of them are exactly same in term of length, body volume and design, but the different internal structure makes them swim in different style. When the fish stop biting on one of the lure, switch to the other one. A same lure with a totally different action will trigger the fish to start biting again; this is a very useful secret technique when you have both of them.

Anglers were catching peacock bass, sebarau and even in few cases, arowana in Malaysia water using these doggies.

Giant Dog-X, the big brother for Dog-X was born to target larger predator. The legendary Zara Gossa was the first pencilbait created in the history; while some people even believe that the Giant Dog-X is the perfect pencilbait which is the result of the pencilbait evolution.

This big pencilbait still maintain the smooth action of the smaller version, silky slide, side splashing, natural reflection and calling sound, killer for toman and XL size peacock bass, and already proven in hooking up toman in Kenyir Lake.

(7) BIG LUSH (Saurus)

Big Lush is a no more in production model, produce by a Japanese lure maker, Saurus, which is one of the well known lure company designing some of the very famous top water lures since 30 years ago.

Big Lush is a level floating pencilbait which designed to slide far and smooth, 10~20cm further if compare to usual dog walking pencilbait, this character made Big Lush a better choice when anglers decide to cover a wide area faster.

Long sliding action had very strong calling power during calm day. This character also allow this pencilbait to perform "half twitch" and "twitch & dive" actions, which are another two type of pencilbait very effective alternative actions, beside the well known "walk the dog" action. Some how, level floating pencilbait is not common in the market, so this one should be a good choice for those who want to try a level pencil.

(8) THUNDER DOG (Storm)

The shape and design of the Thunder Dog is very similar to the (1) Brazilian pencil, designer might get the original idea from LC Sammy. While Sammy is a polycarbonate version of another famous handmade wooden pencilbait in Japan name Sam?s pencil.

Thunder dog available in two sizes (9cm and 11cm), floats 45ΓΈ on the surface and need a litter bit more skill to handle. For those who manage to walk this pencil, it actually performs a very attractive action with high calling ability. Also come with a strong and tough body structure and very affordable price, few anglers claim that this lure were very successful in Temenggor Dam.

(9) ZOMBI BUG PEN (Duel)

The only pencilbait made of rubber foam you can find in the market, not only won't crack like other hard body lures, and most of all, perform a very soft entry while contact with the water surface, which is totally a different effect for fish. Don't be too surprise if fish rush out to attack the moment this Bug Pen touches water.

Soft material also provides absorbance while anglers hook up with a jumper or head shaker, like siakap or tarpon. Another litter secret for a rubber foam lure is that it's easy to add extra weight into the lure body to re-adjust the floating angle. Add a pair of feather on both the body side to create a stopping resistance for the lure to move slower with tighter action.


Another Amazon pencilbait for monster peacock bass. The special feature of this big size pencilbait is the high tone sound produced when the metal balls hit at the lure body, which is turn to be a very effective calling power especially for large predator.

Try work it out with short but strong jerk, the combination of sharp action and high tone sound will be very appealing for toman. While doing a standard dog walk action will wake up big peacock bass hidden deep. Good for stain and muddy water.

WANDER (Lucky Craft)

A lot of anglers misunderstood this lure to be sinking pencil bait, which is actually a jig minnow. The purpose of this lure is to present a "lift and fall" action rather then walk the dog underwater.

It is no doubt a good lure while making sharp lift and allows it to sink, follow by lowering the rod slowly; most of the bite comes on the falls. Proven successful for pacu in pay pond. Cast it out and retrieve fast with a few short jerks when sebarau is chasing small bait fish on the surface.

HAMA KU RU (Jackall)



A very unique three pieces jointed pencilbait, the dog walking action has an additional "snaky" motion, because it not only slide to left and right, but the body will make a curve as well.

This unusual presentation makes it possible to perform more action in short distance, while other pencilbait will move away from the striking area after a few jerk. Not only an interesting lures to try on but also seriously made for hooking up fish like peacock bass and also effective for Malaysia snakehead species.

(13) WATER MONITOR (Lake Police, Jackall)

(14) GOOVA 80 (Shore Impress)

These are the real sinking pencilbaits that purposely design for under surface dog walking.

The successful secret of Water Monitor is the inner structure with a resin plate. This special construction spread the weight evenly throughout the body, creating maximum momentum while "walking", sending clear and strong pulse to the fish lateral line.

Very good casting distance for it size, apply countdown method to walk this doggie in different depth of water, and if retrieve fast with the rod tip up, it can also walk the dog on the surface. A weapon for rising sebarau and feeding peacock in freshwater and proven on queenfish when you head for saltwater luring game.

Goova 80 has rounder body, heavier weight and makes larger sliding. If retrieve steadily, the small cup in front will make the lure to tail swing. It can also make a surface action like Water monitor with additional splashing.

Switching in between these two lures while fishing at the same spot may extent the feeding mood and increase catches.


The concept of this lure is for everyone to walk a dog with ease. This one is a bigger version from the original Arms Pencil, calling power is up graded following the increase of body size, and easier to control too.

The small little groove under the mouth helps it to make tiny sound like small fish breathing or feeding on the surface, which will switch on the feeding mood of predators. Not too shiny chrome effect is clearer on cloudy day and dark water. A good lure for both veterans and beginners too.


Curve body with a level floating angle always mean smooth and easy slide for a pencilbait, moreover, the combination of the used of double hook and level floating position have add snagless ability to this pencilbait.

Big size body also means an easy target for an ambush fish. Some anglers may feel that the size is a bit too large, but in some situation, long casting distance and good action play a more important role to trigger a bite.

(17) TERROR (Zeal)

Zeal is a Japanese lure maker that specializes in top water lures, famous among top water lure enthusiast. Terror is a level floating lure with sliding action. Looks funny and interesting, but after a few cast, you will find the presentation potential is amazingly attractive and will agree that this is a serious fishing tool.

Well known for its quality control, only 2/3 of the lures will qualified to pack in box. Grab one on hand and you will understand that it's grateful to own one.

(18) TIN SUBMARINE TH604 (Tackle Hompo)

It is a toy for anglers, but if you really work it out on the water, don't be too surprise if it turns up to be the lure of the day! Design done by a famous Japanese angler, high tone rattling noise created by contact of two metals is very rare, proven to be a feeding bell for fish.

Manage to perform types of action, include, dog walk, twitch and dive, and even subsurface dog walking. When fish is chasing but not aggressive enough to decide a bite, lower down your rod and twitch, the diving, turning and darting action may help you to pull the attacking trigger.


It's hard to categorize this lure, whether it is a pencil or a propeller. Somehow it can make a short twitch type of dog walk. The mushroom head floats on the surface with the tail section hanging horizontally in the water. Most of the anglers will think that this is a joke when they first saw it, without knowing that it actually had a good record in catching haruan.

The suspending hook on the tail section has a high hooking ability. Jerk or fast retrieve will make the head spin creating splash and sound. If short jerk, besides spinning its head, the tail will swing as well.

(20) TARAILON (Imakatsu)

An outstanding design by Japan top bass angler, Katutake Imae. A very powerful lure, metal bearing inside body making loud sound, super strong calling power even in deep water.

If a peacock bass give a bite on it, then it should be a big one. More suitable for toman among Malaysia freshwater species. Also a good check lure when covering wide area in short time is necessary.

(21) TSURU PEN SLIM (Tsuru-Lures)

The actual purpose of this lure is meant for saltwater, since the balancing is perfectly done, it is as great when you cast it into a freshwater pond.

Come in two sizes, these pencil perform a left and right dog walking action. Use the 9cm one for peacock bass and sebarau. Switch to 13cm when toman is around.

The material feels like a balsa wood but actually made of synthetic polybalsa, which is much lasting than balsa wood. Built to cast on the sea, that's why it has long distance cast ability, which turn to be an advantage while doing land base fishing in pond.

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