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Friday, May 26, 2006

Senangin Action in Kendi

From the MFN Fishing Forum

Yes there still are some fish in Penang!

At about 8 something, we all gathered at the batu maung jetty to board our boat, 'Say Yes'. Yes, we had to say yes, as the weather was very obliging: blue skies, nice clouds, no strong winds, water as calm as mirror...ahhh... all in the luxury of a comfortable boat!

with a total of 280hp, we soon sped off to our designated Secret Spot known as the, well, The Secret Spot hehehe. the boat was parked perfectly, and then we waited for Kacuakman to signal us to drop our metal jigs. as soon as he gave us the green light, our ever enthusiastic Dato' dropped his jig immediately as usual lah. hhehehehehe.

our captain, Kacuakman's uncle, with the very 1st senangin. u should see him jig! he's the mannnn..

for the 1st hour or so, he managed to land 3 already while we look in awe, wondering if he 'jampi-ed' his jig earlier hehehehhe.

then, came The Lansi One's time to shine. well, he was shining till we ended our session lah. he was hitting senangins one after another like nobody's business. well, being in the boat with him CAN be the most torturing experience, as he will continuously praise himself, example:

1. wahhhh, i'm too good. why i am so good?
2. aiyohh, very tired lah, caught too many big ones!
3. aiyooh, very boring lah, how come i'm the only one getting fish?
4. come, let me teach u how laaaa

and so on and so forth. someone should bring a video cam to record these down.

i'm not going to post too many pics of him here coz my camera is full of his pics. it's torturing, but it's true. 2 thumbs up for The Lansi One!!! hahaha

Mighty Sild aka Arabian Knight cannot tahan Culky's antics anymore and proved that he was another force to be reckoned with when he landed this amazing specimen:

from there on, it was Culky vs Sild, both trying to outdo each other. Culky became lansi(errr, we know that already, don't we?) and then lepak-ed a bit, and Sild caught up. after a gruesome battle, the score ended with Culky 9 vs Sild's 8. it was an epic battle not to be forgotten.

Kcuakman wasn't having much luck earlier, and managed the most extraordinary catch. it wasn't a foul hook. let the pics do the talking. unbelieveable!

just right after that, he got his momentum back and voila! he's back to being our Senanginman once again! he was back in contention with Culky & Sild, with only a margin of one fish in between them!

by that time, me & jeymatt who were still eating chicken eggs, was under tremendous pressure! but finally persistance paid off when we got our 1st senangins! the looks on our faces tell the whole story lah. felt like 2-tonnes we're lifted from our chests!

our Pla buk champ Jeymatt is indeed a hardcore angler, with just 4 hours of sleep before joining our offshore trip. well done to u!

Mighty Sild in action!

one of the many Double-Hookups of the trip!

after hitting number 30, we immediately stopped jigging for them and unanimously decided that this was to be our bag limit. final tally was 31 as we left out another(or it jumped into our icebox hehehe)

we soon switched spots to some other wrecks for some bottom fishing to lepak and chill out after JIGGING NON-STOP from 9am-2pm! nothing much from here, except for THE LANSI ONE who kept on hitting Oteks after oteks.... here's the making of an Otek King hahahahha. a few sembilangs, gelamas and a flathead was caught before we called it a day.

posing with the specimens:

the most effective jigs of the day: Blue Fox Herring & Reflect Pirk series. the one below was given to Culky by Kacuakman. u won't believe us if we told u he hit all 9 senangins with THAT ONE JIG ALONE!!!!

in the spirit of togetherness, we shared the catches equally, thanx to the 3 to hardcore anglers: Culky, Sild & Kacuakman who 'donated' their catches to us poor buggers hahahhaha. thanx a bunch guys for the fish, but most of all, a very very enjoyable and happy day of fishing! many thanx to Kacuakman & Kacuakman's Uncle, who has been so kind to all of us to have us along their boat! Looking forward to fishing with u all again! till then...........THE END

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