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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Family Fishing Competition Part 2

So on to the fishing action! It was a hot day and everybody had their own style of fishing. Here is the "Fish out in the sun and get burnt as long as the fish are biting!" Style! I haven't even put my hook in the water and Roslan already caught 2 siakap!

Here is the spirit of a great family fishing morning...everyone gets to fish and stay comfortable. All the kids get a chance to catch a big siakap and learn about Catch & Release. They will be fishermen for life!
Ah yes...this is the life! Let those crazy people stay in the sun...I have a comfy chair and shade...and this is the spot with lots of fish too! Smart guy!

Ya those sheds are the best, you get to catch fish and show off to your fishing pals next to you. Amidst the "putus putus!" plus other encouragement to lose the fish, it makes the fishing all the more fun.
Everyone was engrossed with fishing, the siakap were biting consistently with some catching a siakap with each cast.
A good sized siakap just before being released back to fight another day! I don't really have many snaps of the siakaps as I was too busy fishing and the fish were being released back quickly after being caught.
But yes we were having lots of fun!
Alwie, the RodWarrior showed his steadfastness. He was out there sweating it out in the sun cathing fish consistently every minute of the competition.
And fish by fish he caught up from behind to get 15...25...31...37 siakap in total to get 2nd place! When no one else was catching fish at 12pm, he was still going strong. Well done Rodwarrior!

You could also easily catch small Gobis along the edge of the ponds to use as live bait to get bigger fish.
And again...everyone was having a good time fishing together! I just have too many pictures to share...I will continue in Part 3 soon!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Family Fishing Competition in Pictures Part 1

We started off early from Penang for the 1.5 hour drive to the Bedong Angling Park in Sungai Petani. It was going to be a bright hot sunny day!
The door was opened for us as we arrived through the last 2km over a dirt road.
Inside some had arrived even earlier for the 9am start. Francis was busy with registration and handing out the score cards for the Catch & Release Competition plus the de-barbed 3.0 circle hooks.
He was so busy taking care of the registration that he didn't have a chance to fish! Good job Francis!
Everyone was getting their tackle ready while making new friends and discussing tactics to bring in the most and biggest fish!
Fly Fishin, Spin Fishing, Spin-Flying....anything goes as long as it is Catch & Release!

"Well my boyfriend is preparing the tackle...I just catch the fish!" Actually she's a great fisherwomen and caught more fish than most!
Freddy and his son were ready to fish despite Freddy being down with a bad Flu...nothing can stop a real fisherman!
More keen fishermen waiting for the start of the competition!
And to tease us, the ladyfish were making huge ripples in the water...quick get your rods ready!
A quick group snap before we start. Some had not arrived yet, but were on the way!

Our PMPP President Uncle Aru made a short opening speech to welcome all participants and to remind everyone to enjoy themselves most of all.

The anglers were gripping their rods in anticipation...

9.00am...Time to FISH! Everyone rushed off to their favourite spots! More fishing action to come in PART 2!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

More pics to come

Danny with a HUGE Whopper! "Man this fish is HEAVY!"

Yours truly with my biggest catch. A kilo Siakap on light tackle!

PMPP Family Fishing Competition Photos

Congratulations to the winners! But most of all thanks to all who came in making this a successful event! We had 35 participants who came in early and we had a lot of catches. The top number of fishes caught was a whopping 47! Followed by runner ups of 37 and 33. However almost everyone had a prize from the lucky draw, as there were 25 prizes to be won. A full report will follow but here are some pics to keep you happy for now!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

PMPP Newsletter is out!

You should be receiving your newsletters by now. Note that we have also included your PMPP membership card.
Don't forget to register for the Bedong Family Fishing Competition next Saturday!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

PMPP Family Fishing Competition 2006 Details!


· Is on the 22nd July 2006 at the Bedong Angling Park

· Time 8.30AM TO 12.30 PM, BBQ 12.30-1.30PM, PRIZE GIVING 1.30PM

· Catch & Release

· Fees : RM15 per member and family fishing ; RM10 per person for food (BBQ) - child below 10 FOC

· Hooks and leader lines provided

· Prizes for the most number of fishes caught (Prizes donated by the committee members)

Kindly inform us who is coming for the BBQ by 19th July for catering purposes

Contact : Francis Khoo : 012-482 1105

Roslan Meah : 012-427 2777

Ah Ping (Zainxan Pro-Fishing Centre) : 04-261 7841

Sorry for the late notice, but we have arranged for it to coincide with the harvesting of Siakap from the Bedong Angling Park. This is in a pond normally not open for fishing. So the Siakap action will be fast and furious!
You can still sign up on that day, but since we are arrangina BBQ, please inform us by the 19th July so we can arrange for food.

For those of you who missed out the last time, this is your chance! Bring your whole family too!