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Monday, July 25, 2005

Effective Lure for Siakap

We just had an outing to a fishing pond with lots of Siakap in it with sizes ranging from 600gm to a kilo. Very good fight on ultralight line. This lure in particular was super effective resulting in 50 hook ups and 30 landed and released. It's basically a weighted jig head with a soft plastic octopus on a barbless hook. Cast it and allow it to sink to the bottom, then retrieve it at a medium speed...wham!

Check the Tide Charts Online

Any sea fisherman needs to know the ensure a good catch. Since most of us are online nowadays, you can check the tides anywhere in Malaysia or around the world through your handphone, notebook or computer. Mobilegeographics provides this very useful service and I find it invaluable. The links are also permanently on the right hand side of this website for quick reference. Enjoy!

  • Penang Tide Chart

  • Malaysian Tide Charts
  • Largest Mekong River Catfish

    Recently the largest freshwater fish was caught in Thailang. A whopping 293kg was caught in a fishing net...would have given a good fight though!

    Website Link

    Fishing Tips from Berkley

    Berkley has a nicely categorised fishing tips site that is worth a visit. Incidentally the picture is an advert from Shimano...but the tip could out for great white sharks while trolling for fish!

    Website Link

    Friday, July 22, 2005

    Work in Progress

    Do bear with us as we set up the website. Join us in the forums and also send us your fishing pics and tales! We will post them as soon as possible. Happy fishing!

    PMPP Committee

    This is a recent pictures of the committee.

    The New Management Committee 2005/2006

    Advisors :

    Dato Abdul Hamid b. Hj Mohd.
    Tuan Hj. Zulkefli b. Kamaruzzaman
    Tuan Syed Amerruddin b. Dato Hj.
    En. Bob Wong

    Yang di-Pertua / Chairman : En. K. Arumugam

    Timbalan yg di-Pertua / Vice Chairman : Dr S.G. Heah

    Setiausaha / Secretary : En. Danny C. Navarednam

    Bendahari / Treasurer : En. Siew Kam Weng

    Jawatankuasa / Committee :
    En. S. Jayaratnam
    En. Syed Alwi Algadrie
    En. Roslan Meah
    E. Freddy Tan Peng Wai
    En. Ibrahim Bin Abd .Razak
    En. Woon King Chai
    En. Danny Lee

    Juru odit dalam / Internal Auditors:
    Dr. Chan Chee Keong
    En. Ho Soo Tak

    Co-opted Committee Members
    En. Goi Kim Par
    En. Francis Khoo

    PMPP Contact Address

    We appreciate any feedback, suggestions or enquiries about PMPP and our website.

  • Click Here to Email Us
  • Email :

  • Mailing Address


    1A-6D Leader Gardens,
    Jalan Chee Seng 13,
    11200 Tanjung Bungah,
    Pulau Pinang

    Activities & Competitions


    Competition Details
    1. Siakap Catch & Release Competition for PMPP Members - Tentatively First Week of October (Sunday 2nd October 2005)

  • PMPP Family Fishing Competition

  • Map to Fishing Competition

  • 2. PMPP Annual Fishing Competition - Tentatively December 2005

    Previous Activities :

    Bertempat di Jubilee Camp Teluk Bahang Pulau Pinang.

    More to come...

    Fishing Links

    Malaysian Sites

    Malaysian Fishing Net.
    Persatuan Memancing Malaysia.
    Major Ismail's Fishing Site
    Malaysian Angler's Website

    International Sites

    International Game Fish Association(IGFA)
    Fishing Adventures Thailand
    FishBase - Fish Species Database

    The Angling Clinic

    This is a resource page for the Angling Clinic. First of all the excellent guide to basic tackle for beach fishing by Alwi is found here and in our article section. New anglers (yes..angling is another word for fishing!) can download and print out the guidebook for thier future reference. Other useful links are provided here. Please feel free to email us any useful resources to benefit and encourage the new generation of anglers.

    Basic Angling Tackle for Beach Fishing .by Syed Alwi Algadrie.

    Fishing Knots.

    Tony's Fishing Hole .Nice Fishing Rigs and Tips here

    First Aid for Sea Snakes.

    First Aid for Venomous Stings.

    Fish Hook Removal.

    Newsletters & Articles


    PMPP Newsletter April 2005


    Basic Angling Tackle for Beach Fishing. by Syed Alwi Algadrie

    I hope that this can be a good resource for angling articles that can be used in the angling clinics. The tackle guide can be enlarged by clicking on the picture. It can then be downloaded and printed by students and anglers alike.

    Welcome to PMPP!

    Welcome to the Penang Angling Association / Persatuan Memancing Pulau Pinang website! We are the oldest and most active fishing association here on the beautiful tropical island of Penang, Malaysia. Being Penangites, we were born to fish and we hope to share our passion for angling with all generations. We hope you will enjoy your visit here. Tight Lines!